Sunday, September 04, 2005

Working families offer fitting tribute this Labor Day Weekend

Motivated by a desire to help our neighbors in New Orleans, working families in Williamson County and throughout Central Texas are stepping forward to offer aid.

The author was among the donors Saturday Saturday, the Blood and Tissue Center in Round Rock reported a much higher than normal number of donors. Adding to the exceptional turnout were dozens participating in the first annual Williamson County Democratic Party Labor Day Blood Drive.

Williamson County Democratic Party Precinct 331 Chair Theresa Cooper, a chief organizer of Saturday's blood drive, said: "That is way more than the average Saturday at The Blood Center, and it comes at a time when we’re reminded by Hurricane Katrina how essential an abundant blood supply is as one way of being able to properly respond when havoc strikes."

The Democratic effort, which yielded more than three gallons of life-saving blood, is part of a larger effort to draw attention to the long tradition of working families to serve needs left unmet by government and large corporations during our our nation's most troubled moments. "Very importantly," Cooper said, "it was also a very fitting recognition of the vital contributions of working people during a holiday that has very deep Democratic roots."

Thousands of volunteers line up to help at the Austin Convention Center Saturday nightLate last night, as many were winding down their evening, a message broadcast on KXAN-TV urgently calling for 100 volunteers to help prepare the Austin Convention Center for thousands of incoming Katrina evacuees produced another example of the intense desire of Central Texans to help. Within one hour of the broadcast, more than 2,000 volunteers appeared, ready to work throughout the night to get the convention center ready for morning arrivals.

The overwhelming generosity of Central Texans is a theme that will be revisited on this blog in the coming days.


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