Saturday, November 05, 2005

GAO report confirms election fears. Williamson 2006 vote at risk.

According to the GAO report Federal Efforts to Improve Security and Reliability of Electronic Voting Systems Are Under Way, but Key Activities Need to Be Completed, there were numerous exploitable weaknesses in electronic voting systems in use during the November 2004 elections.

Even if you are, as I, unwilling to concede that election tampering changed the outcome of the 2004 Presidential election, prepare for an increase in mysterious outcomes and irregularities in 2006.

The Williamson County Commissioners' Court has purchased a large number of black-box voting systems from Election Systems and Software for use in 2006. Our Republican-controlled county, fully aware of the GAO's conclusions, is rushing to install these systems even though no law requires the change and no one has raised any significant concerns with our current optical scanner system.

This does seem uncomfortably partisan. Republicans want to move to black-box systems and Democrats prefer systems that can be audited. Aren't we all Americans? Doesn't everyone believe in democracy?

In trying to bridge the gap to understand why the Republicans seem so eager to install machines that are proven to be flawed, I've formed two hypotheses. Perhaps Republicans in the know have witnessed these black-box machines' effectiveness at swinging elections in their favor and are now ready to invest heavily in this proven technology. On the other hand, perhaps Republicans believe that wealthy suburban voters are more likely to show up at the polls if cool-looking touch-screen systems are available.

Coming in 2008, a black-box voting system that displays the current color-coded terror alert level and includes a screen where you can vote for your favorite Commandment.


At 11/13/2005 1:31 AM, Blogger Kathy said...

You might be interested in this analysis; I link back to your site.


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