Sunday, November 13, 2005

Open House for future House Rep

Voters in Round Rock and from as far away as Bell County came to meet and share some relaxed moments with Mary Beth Harrell, candidate for U.S. Congress, District 31, on Saturday at an Open House hosted for her by Vietnam vet, Mike Barton. Barton this week unveiled the "Veterans for Harrell" website, a bipartisan group of veterans who support Harrell because of her sense of integrity, accountability, and faith in America's future.

Harrell (pictured above, center) once again proved how genuinely comfortable she is meeting with voters and listening to their personal views on a variety of issues. The Open House was particularly appealing because it didn't feature political stump speeches or orchestrated photo-ops. Instead, Harrell mingled easily among those in attendance, talking with each visitor one on one and in small groups.

All agreed that the Open House was a great success and that there will surely be more down the road along the campaign trail.


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