Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Today, at city hall in Austin, Suzanne Hughes organized a Speak Out rally, to protest the Reverse Robin Hood Budget Bill being considered by the leadership in the U.S. House. Similiar meetings were held across the country by others concerned citizens. was the organizing tool for these meetings. The proposed budget would make deep cuts to vital social services programs like food stamps and education spending so we can retain the tax cuts for the rich.

TV photographers arrived early and insisted on setting up their cameras for photographic reasons on the northwest side of city hall. These reporters interviewed Suzanne and the few attendees who had showed up on the northwest side of the building to find out why they thought it was important to be there and Speak Out.

Suzanne had set up a Thanksgiving table with plates all around the table but food only on one plate. What a compelling visual to display what this sick budget is about.

However, most of the attendees were in the Plaza on the south side of the building, where we had been told the rally would take place. Suzanne had checked out back but had missed seeing us as several other events were occurring at City Hall today. We were a diverse group of individuals, young, old, black, white and brown, who had come to express their dismay at the heartless budget cuts which have been proposed. I started our rally with a short speech and then invited everybody to express their concerns about this frightening budget.

This is the text of the speech I made to kickoff the SPEAK OUT.

My name is Karen Felthauser.

I am running for St Rep because of the failure of our State

government to address the issue of education for the children of


I am the mother of five. Two of my children are currently

attending college. When the state deregulated college tuition, the

tuition at just one of my son’s colleges went up 65% in just one


It is becoming harder and harder to pay for a college education.

and yet we are here today because the current leadership in

Washington proposes to cut the funds for college loans so

the super rich can continue to receive their unneeded massive tax


The explanation for this inexplicable proposal???

We are told that the rich will create jobs for other people.

I personally know one rich republican family who has used their

tax breaks to create jobs for safari companies in Africa and

Australia, Scuba diving companies in the Caribbean, and tour

guides in China!

If this money were given to me and other struggling American families we would spend that money to support American professors!!!

It is said “There are only two lasting bequest we can hope to give

our children. One is roots; the other wings.

I am afraid that if we continue to price college out of the reach of

average Americans that soon we will have a nation of children

with roots but no wings.


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