Thursday, January 12, 2006

More of a Sales Pitch than Town Hall Meeting

Turned out that Carter didn't show for either Town Hall meeting yesterday, although his District Coodinator said that he'd be back today, Thursday. In time for the Town Hall meeting scheduled today?....Let's take bets against.

If you do make it out to the Town Hall meeting in Round Rock, and Carter isn't there, expect more of a Sales Pitch selling the new Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, Part D than any real interaction with your congressional representation as you might expect at a real Town Hall meeting.

Here's briefly how it went down yesterday in Georgetown:

Carter's assistant made his excuses for not being there and introduced two women who would brief the attendees on the new Prescription Drug Plan -- one woman from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and another woman from Social Security Administration. Carter's assistant then promptly left the room for most of their presentations.

After each woman dutifully presented how the new Plan works and how their office would be there to help, questions were allowed -- but questions to the two presenters alone, with Carter's assistant now back in the room only interjecting when he wanted to be sure we all understood that Carter was "there for us" ... even if not really here for us, I guess.

It was clear there were many in the room who hadn't been sold on the idea, and some even voiced that very sentiment in no uncertain terms, but with only the reps from CMS and SSA there fielding questions on the mechanics of the Plan, there was no real chance to make one's sentiments clear directly to the very Congressional Representative from our District who had voted for the Plan. Oh, that's right!...But we were all welcome to sign up for Carter's newsletter, plus it was great to learn that his assistant would be sure to let the Congressman know how the meeting went and how we felt.

The meeting was much like the representation we're used to getting from Carter -- Take YOUR representation in Washington as HE decides he's going to give it, and there's not much you can do about it.

Well...Come November, there IS something we can all do about it!!

Theresa Cooper
Harrell for Congress Campaign Coordinator, Williamson County


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