Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Congressman Carter Explains What Has Caused The Problem With Social Security

This was posted as a comment to my earlier post, John Carter and Tom DeLay, Tom DeLay and John Carter. It is an eyewitness account of what happened at one of Congressman Carter's “town hall” meetings on the president's Social Security privatization scheme.
John Carter visited Round Rock and a few other cities over President's day weekend on his mission from Bush to drum up support for the Privatization of Social Security. During that meeting, he actually stated "If it weren't for all these people having these abortions and using birth control we'd have enough workforce to support Social Security from now on". The room was aghast. Immediately I said "There is tons of unemployment now!" Others joined in "Our jobs are being outsourced" and "our factories are closing down!". Carter knew he had made a big mistake,and turned sideways to pack up his papers so that he wouldn't have to look any of us in the eye as he continued his denials of our claims. As he walked down the aisle to leave, he was still answering someone's question about the "privatization" of Social Security and he actually said "Oh I am not supposed to call it 'Privatization'. If my aide hears me say 'Privatization' one more time she'll choke me" I do hope Tom DeLay relies on John Carter for legal counsel. He is one dull cookie.
In our Republican dominated county I can find no media reference to these comments, so far, but that is not surprising. Was there any local media at this "town hall" meeting? If so they should have reported this. If this statement was made Congressman Carter needs to clarify his statement at the least. Let's hold Congressman Carter to account. Contact him here.


At 4/01/2005 12:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This statement was indeed made by Congressman Carter, witnessed and heard by many. It is hard to believe, but there was John Carter telling it like it is...the Republicans want to keep women enslaved as their brood mares for a source of cheap labor for their own corporations.


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