Monday, March 28, 2005

We Need To See This On A Daily Basis From The State Party
Chairman Soechting Blasts GOP Gas Tax
"The GOP's all-out assault on the middle-class has now officially become intolerable," Soechting said. "With this proposal, Republicans have shown that they are running out of gas and may soon be run out of office."

The GOP gas tax hike, sponsored by State Rep. Mike Krusee (R-Round Rock), would peg the price of gasoline to the consumer price index so that gasoline prices would automatically rise with inflation -- without the need for lawmakers to vote to raise gas taxes in the future.
That last part is the most insidious. It's a one time Republican tax increase on that hurts the poor the most, a regressive tax, and it just rises automatically. It's a Republican tax increase that keeps on giving.

This Statesman article, Peering under the radar at transportation bills, lists the transportation bills that are likely to become law after session. The previously menitoned gas bill (HB 5) being one of them.

One that's not on the list that I think is interesting is HB 650 also authored by Rep. Krusee. The purpose of this bill is to make it so the executive director of The Texas Department of Transportation no longer has to be a "registered professional engineer in the state". I'm not an engineer but does this matter? Or is this just too rigid a standard for this position or does he have someone in mind for the job that doesn't have that qualification?


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