Monday, March 28, 2005

Why Has Representative Gattis Failed, So Far, To Fix His Mistake?

Last session a "mistaken" amendment made to a health and human services consolidation bill blocked public access to the names of doctors that defrauded Medicaid. Rep. Dan Gattis, R-Georgetown made that mistake, I mean authored that amendment. In 2003 Gattis said this,
Gattis told the Star-Telegram in November 2003 that he didn't intend to block access to details about completed investigations and that he believed state bureaucrats were misinterpreting the law. If the confusion wasn't straightened out, Gattis said, the problem would be fixed.
Fair enough, a mistake was made, and it will be fixed. Or so he says. Last session a mistake was made on an amendment he authored. It would seem that he would be eager to correct that mistake, right? Well here is the next sentence,
However, he does not appear to have introduced any legislation to open the records, based on a search of pending bills. Gattis did not return several phone calls from the Star-Telegram this week.
Hmm, didn't even return phone calls. I'm sure Representative Gattis meant what he said when he said he would fix the problem but he doesn't seem very eager to fix his "mistake".


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