Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Glen Fine, Cedar Park City Council Place #1

A couple of articles the Hill Country News regarding the Cedar Park City Council Elections. Glen Fine is the only Democrat running in the elections and is running for Place 1.

This first article is from April 8th, CP Place 1 race is an introduction to the candidates. Glen Fine is a Democrat. I'm not sure if Lowell Moore has a party affiliation and Matt Powell is a Republican.

The next article is from last week THE POINT IS... It is time to panic - get out and vote. It's an article about voter apathy in Cedar Park:
Too many Cedar Park people think of themselves as "Austinites" because they work and shop in Austin. Newsflash, people: these candidates will be the ones who set your tax rate and decide the fate of your city through these next few critical years.
Taking a shot at the people of Cedar Park as still thinking of themselves as Autinites, that's gotta hurt. Next she finishes with a good summary of what's at stake in this election
The council is having a large turnover, with five seats up for grabs. This could easily change the dynamics of the council and you should get to know the candidates to find which ones will best represent your views, and then demand that they fulfill their promises.

Everyone talks about the future of Cedar Park, but the future is now. This next council will have a tremendous impact on what Cedar Park will look like when it is fully grown with nowhere to go. Don't you want to have a say in what it looks like?
Wouldn't it be great to elect a Democrat to the Cedar Park City Council at this critical stage? With voter apathy and because of that low turnout if we can turnout the vote for Glen Fine he should have a good chance to win.


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