Friday, April 29, 2005

Round Rock School Board Elections

If you live in Round Rock you owe it to yourself to read this article about the upcoming school board election, Round One at Round Rock. Well, I'm not sure if it's actually about the whole ballot or not, but it's definitely about three candidates running as a bloc that are backed by right-wing groups that hate any tax. This is all payback for the defeated bond of a few months back. This campaign is headed up and , who knows, maybe finance by The Republican Liberty Caucus which happily calls itself the "Ron Paul Republicans", Americans for Prosperity and John Gordon the self-proclaimed "Father of the Republican Party in Williamson County". The one thing you can be sure of is any organization with liberty or prosperity in their name has a limited definition of those terms and more than likely it has to do with how bad they believe taxes are. These are also organizations that more than likely think we would be better off without public education no matter how well it was working. Are these three involved in a conspiracy to end public education in Round Rock? No. They're are just three more Republicans that think their tax money is being wasted on public education. Here is the reason we don't know if these groups are financing these candidates or not:

Speaking of their resources, none of the three candidates had filed required campaign finance statements, due 30 days before the May 7 election, as of April 21. ("I know, I know, I'm behind. I have to do that really soon," said McFaull.) Nevertheless, the group has somehow come up with enough money to go on the radio – not too common in a school board race – although, as Sullivan points out, there are three campaign coffers footing the bill.
Gee, let me see, you're running for a position and complaining about other's mismanagement and these three candidates can't manage to meet "required" campaign deadlines? That doesn't seem like a very good impression to give to voters when running for the school board. If you're running behind on this what will you run behind on if you get elected Mr. McFaull? Here is the Chronicle link to all the candidates that are running, Round Rock ISD Board of Trustees.

Thanks to Carol Fielding for pointing me to this article. If you would like to see something posted here let me know, I'll even post your comment too. Also here is an excellent comment to yesterday's post about John Carter and Tom DeLay .


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