Thursday, April 28, 2005

What A Friend Tom DeLay Has In John Carter

As the Republicans in Congress try to praise themselves for reversing rules that never should have been changed in the first place there were still Seven Texas Republicans oppose ethics rules reversal, and guess who one of them was?
Seven Texas Republicans oppose ethics rules reversal


Associated Press

Seven Texas Republicans voted against the reversal of changes to House ethics committee rules that could open the way for another probe of Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

DeLay, however, voted for the reversal.

The House voted 406 to 20 Wednesday night to remove changes that Democrats charged were designed to protect DeLay. Republicans said the changes were made to bring fairness to ethics investigations.

Republicans who voted against the rules changes were Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Joe Barton of Ennis and Reps. Michael Burgess of Flower Mound, John Carter of Round Rock, John Culberson of Houston, Louis Gohmert of Tyler, Ted Poe of Houston and Mac Thornberry of Amarillo.

"I know the Republican leadership is just trying to be magnanimous and accommodating, but the new rules were more fair in January when I voted for them the first time, and they are still more fair, so my vote stays the same, period," Gohmert said in a statement.

DeLay has been facing questions about overseas trips and his associations with lobbyist Jack Abramoff, now under federal investigation. DeLay has denied any wrongdoing and said in a briefing with reporters he was willing to "turn over everything we have" to the committee when it begins functioning.
The New York Times today also has an article about a topic I pointed our earlier this month and that is that Congressman John Carter has not only received money from Tom DeLay he has also given to Tom DeLay's defense fund.


At 4/28/2005 2:25 PM, Anonymous Billie said...

You might point out that the 'defense fund' doesn't have anything to do with defending America. It is a legal defense fund. A fund to pay the lawyers that are representing Delay against corruption charges. The Representatives who gave money to Delay's legal defense fund are first getting money from Delay's PAC and then turning around and giving it back to Delay's defense fund. It is illegal for Delay to use PAC money for his legal defense. So he uses the Republican Reps as 'conduits' In fact that is the name given to the practice and it, too, is illegal. Naturally, all of them insist they are behaving legally.


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