Monday, June 06, 2005

4th Annual Jarrell Family Fiesta, June 11, 2005

Boy howdy, these days we no more get through establishing our strong Democrat presence at one event before here comes another opportunity! Jim & Carol Stauber alerted us to this event to be held this coming Saturday between 10 and 3. Our very own Courtney immediately contacted the arrangers so we're set for another parade AND tabling adventure.

These are the details: The Family Fiesta kicks off with a parade through downtown Jarrell beginning at 10 AM and will end at the Jarrell Memorial Park located at 1651 CR 305 (that's County Road for all you sophisticated urbanites). Our booth will be at the park (near the baseball field). Other activities will include arts/crafts, a rock wall, rain ride, eating contests, children's cookie baking contest, food booths, and more. There's a website you can search for more specifics: here.

We set up the booth between 8-8:30 AM and those who will march in the parade will need to meet at 9:00 AM at the Methodist Church on downtown Avenue H for the parade line-up.

Again, please, a great big show of hands of who can come for the parade and who can stay to help with the booth (you don't want me to come after you, do you?)!

Thank you,
Jane Van Praag, Chair,
WCDP Events Committee


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