Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Jim Stauber Campaign Press Release For House District 20


Cites dismal record of Republican controlled House

Jim Stauber, a United Auto Workers Union member for over 42 years, issued the following statement following his filing for candidacy as the Democratic candidate for the Texas House, Dist. 20:

“For the last two state legislative sessions Dan Gattis and the Republican controlled house have failed to provide us taxpayers with a new school-financing program. Teachers and students are being short changed as usual. I have a plan to remedy this lack of vision, combining a fairer tax structure with focused and prioritized spending where the needs of the students are greatest. How in the world theregulation of cheerleaders overshadowed school financing in this last session is beyond comprehension.”

“During the last session our legislation has also failed to seriously address the health care crisis facing most Texans. The C.H.I.P.'s program has still not returned to the level of fairness and funding low income Texans relied on prior to the 2003 legislative session. The 6 month renewal period, rather than the previous 12 month timeframe, continues to not only burden the families in most need of assistance, but has added additional bureaucratic delays and paperwork to an already overburdened agency. This, coupled with the 90 day waiting period to review family assets, will certainly discourage participation, thus putting additional pressures on hospitals and clinics who, by law, must treat uninsured emergency room patients. This is ridiculous, and I believe we can turn it around.”

“Medicaid patients in nursing homes will still only get $45.00 a month to live on. Doctors and hospitals won't get any more money for serving Medicaid patients.”

“Dan Gattis and the Republican controlled state are shortchanging the citizens of Texas - denying our children the most basic needs in education and health care. But the list goes on and on - from unfair taxation to equally unfair government spending priorities. It's no wonder so many average citizens of Texas tell me they feel abandoned by our state government. This is why I am a candidate for the Texas State House of Representatives for District 20. Since Dan Gattis and the Republicans have failed the State of Texas so badly, it is time for a change.”

Jim's Commitment:

“I will fight for our public school system and teachers!”

“I will fight to stop the privatization of State Jobs!”

“I will fight to stop certain aspects of the Trans.Texas Corridor plan that will take away valuable farm and ranch land.”

“I will fight to restore C.H.I.P.'s to the levels and fairness Texans counted on prior to the 2003 Legislative session.”

“I will fight to relieve the tax burden of the lower and middle class citizens of Texas.”

“It is time to elect a candidate who understands the needs of the average Texas working man and woman. Who's walked in their shoes. Who will fight for YOU."

“I will be YOUR voice.”

“Let's Put Our Government Back to Work for the people of Texas.”

Help send Dan Gattis packing by supporting Jim Stauber at the “I Am a Fan of Jim Stauber Fund Raiser” Saturday afternoon July 30th at the Gazebo in San Gabriel Park, Georgetown. Come and paint your own yard sign.

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Jim Stauber is retired from General Motors, and currently is President of the Durham Park Water Supply Corporation, in Liberty Hill. He is married to Carol and is the proud father of two daughters (Leigh Ann, & Lisa), and a stepson (John). Carol is active in community and church affairs, and is a part time secretary at Liberty Hill United Methodist Church.


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