Monday, June 06, 2005

The Legislature Is a Joke

Those that brought suit against the state for the current school finance plan could not be happier with the outcome of the 79th legislature:
It's the type of "Exhibit A" evidence that lawyers could only have dreamed about: Texas lawmakers leaving the Capitol last week unable to fix the state's school funding crisis.


"If we had scripted it out so that it would put us in the light most favorable to the Supreme Court and to the general public, we would not have had a better position," said Dallas attorney George Bramblett Jr., one of the lawyers representing property-wealthy districts in the case headed to the Supreme Court on July 6.
"This failure justifies our clients' concerns that the state would not act," he said.

But House Education Committee Chairman Kent Grusendorf, R-Arlington, remains confident the Supreme Court will not tell lawmakers they must spend more money for public education.

"The taxpayers are paying a lot of money in the state of Texas for quality education," he said.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott would not speculate on how the Legislature's inability to approve a new school funding plan might affect the state's defense. Students, parents, school districts and taxpayers all deserve a clear and swift resolution of the school finance litigation," Abbott spokesman Jerry Strickland said.
Makes me wonder what lies ahead. It's hilarious because the lawyer for the wealthy districts is as happy as can be, Grusendorf thinks we have “quality” education in Texas, and the AG spokesman is talking about a “clear and swift reso--...reso--..., hahahahaha! Sorry, I thought I could get through this without laughing. A “clear and swift” resolution to the school finance litigation. See what I mean by a joke?

The Republicans hadn't controlled the Texas legislature since reconstruction, and now we know why.


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