Tuesday, June 28, 2005

State News

OffTheKuff has had a couple of very good posts, doesn't he always, on the KBH decision. This one, Myth Busting deals with the myth that KBH is a moderate, don't forger to read the comments there is some KBH history in there. The next one, Your liberal media at work, shows how the Houston Chronicle in it's coverage of the KBH decision snubbed Barbara Ann Radnofsky. And she's from Houston!

Pink Dome has three great posts today:

Whoa There, Governor:
We love this photo so much we want an autographed version. State Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn's criticism of Perry's school finance plan and his return fire are covered in today's AAS. If this battle of the back-and-forth is any indication of what's to come, we say advantage, Strayhorn.
Seek The Truth. The Truth Will Set You Free. This one is about Kinky Friedman. He's going to keep this race fun:
Kinky Friedman took time out from his book signing to speak a little truth.

"My campaign is not the joke," he said, his trademark cigar hanging from his lips. "It's the Texas Legislature that's a joke."

Amazing how if you let that just sit there for a while it sort of resonates, doesn't it? The brutal truth of the matter is that the Emperor has no clothes. Even Perry reminded the Legislature the other day that all the other crap they are busily putting on the calendar is not the reason he called them back.
It's All Greek:
That's Greek for Finance Public Education. Since our brains are pickled from too much gin, Greek makes about as much sense to us as the school finance plans put forth by everybody.
There's more to read in all of these just click the links.

More on Perry's plan Perry school plan gathers critics:
"His plan promises $23.7 billion in tax relief over five years, but what he is really doing is writing a $5.3 billion hot check and leaving future legislatures and Texas taxpayers to pick up the bill," she said.

Strayhorn said Perry's plan is $200 million short of paying for itself in the current two-year budget cycle.

She also said there are no state tax revenues included in the proposal to pay for the continuing property tax reductions. That means, she added, the Legislature that meets in 2007 would immediately face raising taxes by $2.6 billion to pay for the next round of cuts.
I'm so glad she's running instead or KBH, she will be very quotable.

Grit's For Breakfast has all the information on a subject that has not gotten much press but needs to be paid attention to. The bills Perry vetoed after session, Perry's vetoes worse than reported.


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