Sunday, June 26, 2005

News 8 Covers Williamson County Social and Rally

Be Sure and watch the video linked with the story. Melissa Irion does a great job of speaking for us. Some good video of the event as well.

Democrats in Williamson County say it's time to stand proud
Democrats outnumbered but not deterred
"It's time we make a change here in Williamson County," Melissa Irion of the Williamson County Democratic Party said. "There's only one party representing us right now, and I don't believe they're doing a very good job of it."


Former Congressman Chris Bell said he may run against Gov. Rick Perry in 2006.

"He's inspired me to take a look at this race because of the way he's performed in the Governor's office,"” Bell said. "“And I think he's done a very poor job and a lot of people are looking for a change."

Bell said there's no reason to be deterred by a Republican-heavy presence in areas like Williamson County.

"We're going to have to go places that are viewed as Republican areas and try to win some of those voters back into our fold,"” Bell said. "“We are not going to win elections in Texas by just talking to the same old folks. So places like Williamson County are becoming increasingly important."


"The Democratic Party is coming back in Williamson County and we're ready to give them a rough fight," she (Irion) said.

In the 2004 presidential elections, Williamson County had the state's second largest growth in Democratic turnout.
This is the only mention I've seen so far in the local media. Be sure and let me know if you've seen any other menitons of the event in the media.


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