Wednesday, November 16, 2005

As Williamson County Turns

Being caught up in all the pre-election hype I haven't had time to comment on the recent legal problems the county has had. Including the sexual harassment suit recently settled in Williamson County, Details released in harassment complaint. I'm not really sure what to say other than one the things I usually harp on, which is that unaccountable government is bad. The Hill Country News has a pretty extensive rehash of the whole, ahem, affair, County settles sex complaint. When you have a government run by one party, without any accountability, these things are more prone to happen. Now I'm sure what will happen is Mr. Boatright will choose not run in '06 and we'll be left with the next Williamson County supposedly moral values Republican in line as the "shoe-in" for this seat on the court. Unless....there is a Democrat in this county that is willing to step up and fight for accountability on the Commissioners Court. Here's the [MAP, .pdf] of Precinct 2. The Commissioners Court of years past are the ones that have assisted in bringing us all these toll roads. If you don't like them and the way they are being forced on us then run for the Commissioners Court and win, and you can change that. We are here to help.

The county is also being sued by Precinct 1 Constable Gary Griffin, Constable sues Williamson County, and the ongoing mental health saga. And one Mother whose son committed suicide in the Williamson County Jail doesn't see the change being an improvement, Mother wonders about county's mental health services, and she's suing too.

These are very important positions. The Commissioners Court makes decisions that effect our everyday lives much more than those of the Legislature, Congress and statewide office holders. For one party to have a lock on these offices leaves no room for dissent, which is essential for a democracy to flourish.


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