Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Shapleigh and Coleman Take On Sharp/TTRC

It's been a while since we've heard any type of real tax debate in Texas and it may be even longer. Today I found one good thing about the Texas Tax Reform Commission (TTRC). It's that having John Sharp - a Democrat or DINO, whichever you prefer - as head of the committee, at least so far, he's answering criticisms of the TTRC by Democrats. Even if he sees them as "childish". Take this Express-News article as an example, Makeup of tax panel rapped:
But two Democratic lawmakers who frequently complained about the effect on consumers as the Legislature struggled to revamp school funding say the panel's representation should be broader.

"Where is the mother working two jobs to provide for her family?" Sen. Eliot Shapleigh of El Paso asked Tuesday. "Just like past proposals, after this committee's tax shift, Texas families will once again be hit with increased taxes."

Legislative efforts fell apart this year largely over how much of a tax burden should be borne by various businesses and how much should be shouldered by businesses vs. individuals. There also was disagreement over whether new state taxes should go only to local property tax relief or also to increased school funding.

Rep. Garnet Coleman of Houston said that despite the panel's aim of finding agreement on a broad-based business tax, "the absence of consumers and workers on the panel raises serious concerns that we may see yet another attempt to raise the Texas sales tax to the highest in the nation."

Coleman suggested that educators also should be added to the panel, because a goal is to provide a stable source of funding for education.

Sharp said, "I love Garnet to death, but I think if he died and went to heaven, he'd complain about his room."

Coleman called Sharp's remark "childish."
John Sharp thinks it's childish to have this committee actually be representative of Texas!? I think it would be fair and even the right thing to do, but what do I know I'm just a normal ol' tax payin' citizen. I also never donated to neither of his or Rick Perry's campaigns, so I'm definitely disqualified.


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