Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mary Beth Harrell In Round Rock On November 12th

Now that you know about Congressman Carter's photo-op on November 12th come see the future instead. Mary Beth Harrell will be at a meet and greet in Round Rock:
I'll also be in Round Rock on Nov. 12, at the home of Michael Barton, Vietnam Vet and Republican, who's hosting a neighborhood openhouse for me - so his friends and neighbors can meet. The openhouse will be from 3-4pm on Nov. 12 at 3707 Cheyenne in Round Rock.

Mr. Barton is spearheading the "Veterans for Harrell" group and website. His reasons for supporting my candidacy will be featured on the site's home page welcome. The site will also feature the photos and words of many veterans who support me. The website should be published by Nov. 10.
I'll link to that as soon as it's up, you can be sure.

She will be in Killeen for Veteran's Day the day before:
I'll be participating in the Killeen/Fort Hood Veteran's Day parade on Nov. 11 - riding in a float driven by my oldest active duty Army son who's deploying to Iraq before Christmas. My youngest son, also active duty Army, and my civilian daughter will carry my banner in the parade. I'm working on getting my husband, a retired Army warrant officer, on the float but it will take a lot more coaxing.
I encourage everyone to get to an event and meet Mary Beth Harrell to see what our future can be. She will also be at the WCDP Executive Committee Meeting in November.

For more information about this and other upcoming events in the Harrell campaign, check out her campaign website and sign up for updates at the bottom of the homepage MaryBethHarrellforCongress Or, sign up for the WCDP Newsletter for info on events for the various Democratic campaigns.


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