Monday, November 14, 2005

John Sharp Thinks The Legislature Needs A Deadline!?

Yeah, I'm serious, he really said that. On the record none the less. Sharp prepares to tackle school funding issue. Here's the first paragraph:
With a Texas Supreme Court ruling on education finance expected any day, former comptroller John Sharp said Monday that a court-ordered deadline is needed to get legislators to act to save Texas schools.
I'm not sure if he wasn't paying attention or not over the last year or so but we were told again, and again, and again that there was an October 1st 2005 deadline to get a school finance deal done, and if I remember correctly we didn't get a deal by then. Check out the next paragraph:
A deadline to fix the broken system could be the only way to prompt action from bickering lawmakers who might otherwise be blamed by voters for allowing schools to shut down, Sharp said during an interview with The Associated Press. He is overseeing a task force charged with restructuring the Texas tax code to pay for schools. Their first meeting will be next Monday in Austin.
Is this some sort of Dean Wormer-esque "double secret deadline"? Does he mean that this time the Perry appointed judges will actually shut down the schools if THIS deadline isn't met? Not to overdue the movie references but is this Groundhog Day or what? I sure hope they come up with something better to fix our tax structure than this the next time the Texas Tax Reform Commission (TTRC) meets.


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