Sunday, November 06, 2005

Did You See The Editorial In Today's Statesman?

They take some shots a Mayor Hill, ex-Sheriff Maspero, Cedar Park, Sheriff Wilson, etc. That wild county to the north:
Austin nurtures its image as a city keeping it weird, but Williamson County is outpacing Austin as a community where things really are strange.

Where else has a mayor been ordered by a judge to get out of his own town and stay out? Where else has a sheriff resigned after public exhibitions of drunkenness and his successor turned out for mass firings and erratic behavior?


Cedar Park, a Williamson County bedroom community that has grown remarkably in recent years, has been the subject of serial ethics violations by the mayor and council. Mayor Bob Young resigned under an ethics cloud.

The City Council followed that by dumping the city manager and letting the city attorney, Leonard Smith, go. Strangely, the council decided to hire Smith back and give him an even more lucrative contract.


Keep Austin Weird may be on the bumper stickers, but Williamson County is gaining on us. And Cedar Park is surely saying thanks to Bartlett for hogging the ink and air time.


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