Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Chairman Soechting Lays It Out

Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows that one of my big points is accountability. When you have one party rule whether it's in your county, city, state or federal government there is no accountability. Right now we have there is no accountability in my county, state or federal government because the Republicans hold every office in all of those governments. When there is no accountability then Republicans can do something they say they are fundamentally against -- raising taxes and raising spending -- and not have to pay a price at the ballot box. That is what, I believe, Chairman Soechting is getting at, TAX-AND-SPEND REPUBLICANS' ARGUE WITH THEMSELVES OVER STATE'S BIGGEST BUDGET EVER:
Texas Democratic Party Chairman Charles Soechting today said that the GOP's transformation into 'Tax-and-Spend Republicans' is now complete as lawmakers from the party once known for fiscal conservatism argue over a state budget of historic proportions fueled by the single-biggest tax increase in Texas history.

"Middle-class Texans everywhere ought to be sitting on their wallets and hiding their pocketbooks," Soechting said. "The era of Tax-and-Spend Republicans is upon us."

Soechting noted that the Republican-dominated Texas Legislature this session passed tax bills that far surpass any previous tax increases in state history. The 12-percent hike in state spending contained in the proposed budget is paid for by raising the sales tax to the highest levels in the nation, creating new taxes on basic consumer items like bottled water, and imposing new taxes on approximately one million Texas small businesses.

Moreover, Soechting said, the final taxing decisions will be made by appointed House-Senate panels that fail to reflect the rich diversity of Texas.

"In the House, Tom Craddick looked out over a roomful of nearly 150 members and selected the five who look most like him," Soechting said. "In the Senate, David Dewhurst did the same and decided to let a single appointee -- Sen. Judith Zaffirini of Laredo -- represent the women and the minority communities of our state."

Despite raising more taxes and spending more tax dollars than any other Legislature in Texas history, the proposed state budget still manages to shortchange public schools, children's health benefits, and middle-class homeowners who were promised significant property-tax relief this session.
Bravo chairman, keep up the good work!


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