Sunday, May 15, 2005

John Carter Thinks Tom DeLay Is Getting Screwed

This is no surprise but our Congressman John Carter, who I'm thinking of referring to from here on out as #6, has this to say about how his main man Tom DeLay is being treated:
• One of the two dozen members of Congress who showed up at the tribute for Majority Leader Tom DeLay last week was Round Rock Republican Rep. John Carter. A Chronicle reporter next to him, hoping to get a punchier explanation of why Carter wanted to attend, suggested they speak honest "Texan."

Question: "Do you think Majority Leader DeLay is getting screwed?"

Answer: "Absolutely. He's getting screwed on every level."
Yes for all that Tom DeLay has done for the Republican Party and house Republicans in particular and only a couple of dozen and no one from the leadership show up to give him thanks? If I was Tom DeLay I would be pissed.


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