Thursday, May 12, 2005

Chris Bell Says, "We have to stop taking certain places for granted..Round Rock and its minority population for one"

Chris Bell, the man that filed the ethics charges against Tom DeLay, and future Democratic gubernatorial candidate was involved in a conference call with bloggers tonight and the synopsis is here:
Question: Democracy for America and the Dean campaign. Microcosm of the 50 state strategy, how from a red-state how will Texas develop an all county strategy?

Chris: if you don't show up you can't compete.

Rural Texas is not happy with Perry and they are outraged with some of the redistricting issues. We need to tell them there is an alternative!

We have to stop taking certain places for granted and start being serious about other areas where we haven't always been competitive. One, for example, is Round Rock and its minority population.

About San Antonio, if we had someone in Statewide office would make things a lot easier, and San Antonio will be an upward climb. But we are going to try.

We have an event scheduled in San Antonio and some people to work with.

But this is a marathon, not a footrace. Not everything is going to happen overnight.
I recommend reading the whole thing it's a good discussion.


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