Friday, May 27, 2005

From the Hill Country News we learn of the upcoming budget fight. Or as Frankie Limmer says, "This will be the most difficult budget since I've been on the court". The two main problems our county is facing, as far as the commissioners are concerned, are recruiting new sheriffs and increased spending for social services.But later in the article we find this about limiting health care benefits for dependents of retirees under age 65:
"Other current retirees and any future retirees with dependents under age 65 will lose dependent coverage when the dependent reaches age 65. Retirees will continue to have individual coverage until they reach the age of 65," stated a memo presented by County Attorney Jana Duty.
It's hard to tell by the way the article is written but I believe these are retired county employees. The minutes from this weeek's meeting are not posted yet and If someone can help clarify that would be great.

Now back to the budget. The county, from the what the commissioners are saying, is having financial problems and can't recruit new sheriffs because of previous scandals, competition from neighboring counties and a lack of qualified applicants.


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