Friday, May 20, 2005

More From Chairman Soechting

"It's official: Republicans can't govern," Soechting said. "They have become living proof of the Peter Principle -- mediocre management will always attain the highest level of its incompetence."

Soechting said the 'tax-and-spend Republicans' in charge of state government have failed to meet their stated goals of reforming public school funding and delivering significant local property tax relief.

"They have simultaneously raised taxes and cut services," Soechting said.


Soechting noted that even the troubled Child Protective Services agency, declared an emergency by GOP Gov. Rick Perry before the start of the legislative session, has been shortchanged by Republican lawmakers in the current budget.

"The uniform disappointment Texans feel with the current Republican leadership crosses partisan, regional, ethnic, and gender lines," Soechting said. "It is one thing to advocate for less government or even for more government, but when Texans look at the Republicans in charge, what they long for most is better government."
I couldn't agree more. The Austin Chronicle thinks so too, It Just Doesn't Add Up
Now that educator groups and a recent opinion poll have weighed in on the Legislature's handling of school finance, it appears that House and Senate leaders have yet to convince Texans of their abilities to craft a sound education package. No number of self-congratulatory speeches will convince us that they've solved the big mystery this time.


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Hey there WC, cross post this one on Come and Take it. I think this is a good find.


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