Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Out Of Step On Probation Reform

Anyone that has spent time in or around Williamson County knows that it has a reputation for locking people up and throwing away the key. Whether that is justified or not may be up for debate but just ask around if you want to know if it's true. Which brings us to probation reform. If you'll read this,
Williamson DA out to weaken probation system
, which I got via OffTheKuff, you'll realize that the only people against this probation reform going forward are the Williamson County DA and Governor Perry. I especially liked this part where our DA is shown to be a shill for the governor, (Ward is the AAS writer of this article):
In retrospect, Ward could have just as easily attributed the committee's rejection to Williamson DA John Bradley, who spent an hour or so before the hearing huddled with the Governor's staff in the hall outside the meeting room. He was the only person to testify in opposition. (At the time he spoke, the gutting amendments had apparently just been sprung on Whitmire out in the hall.) Bradley's suggested changes were more or less identical to those Ward attributed to the Governor - in particular, disallowing early release if a probationer has any new crime above a traffic-ticket-level offense, or for probationers who are behind on their fees.
The House vote on this bill, HB 2193, was 90-48 with both Rep. Gattis and Krusee voting against this bill. Many Republicans voted for this bill but not ours. This is just another example that shows how out of step our representation is in Williamson County.


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