Friday, September 16, 2005

Go Vote For John Courage

Democracy for America is currently holding a Grassroots All-Star Competition to determine who will be on their first list of official endorsees. I would like to enCourage everyone to go, here and scroll toward the bottom of the list and vote for John Courage. Here are the particulars:

They've got a vote going to select Congressional candidates. One Texan is on the ballot in this round - John Courage, who is seeking to oust DeLay lapdog Lamar Smith in the 21st CD, which includes parts of Bexar and Travis counties plus what's in between. Courage has been running a pretty laudable grassroots campaign so far, and Rep. Smith is one of the worst toadies in Congress - he's an immigrant-basher in the Tom Tancredo mold. Better yet, Smith underperformed in 2004 against a placeholder candidate. This is a winnable race, and with the DFA endorsement it could become a
top-tier race in Texas.
So again go here and vote for John Courage.


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