Thursday, September 15, 2005

Let's Use Their Own Words Againt Them

Josh Marshall makes some great points in this post. The Republicans have lost and lost bad on their scheme to privatize Social Security and they should not be let off the hook:
As one senior GOP lawmaker told Roll Call, "It's over." As indeed it is. Not forever. But at least for the next few years.

But where, I have to ask, is the affirmative effort on the part of Democrats to make this attempted betrayal of the public trust into a cudgel for the 2006 elections? Where is it? I don't see it. And I keep up on politics.

It shouldn't be hard. Many, many Republicans who will be in competitive races next year came out for this disastrous idea, which is now deeply unpopular pretty much across the country. And with very few exceptions -- I'll give Santorum his due on this one -- they ran away like scurrying rats as soon as it became clear that the president couldn't protect them and the public wouldn't stand for it.

Their own actions and words convict them twice-over. They stood up for terrible policy and then they switched or ran away from their position as soon as it was expedient. So they're happy to sell out their constituents and lack principle. They're flipfloppers.
Here is what Congressman Carter had to say about privitizing Social Security:
I believe that investing money in personal accounts and allowing younger workers to decide how their money is invested is an idea that deserves serious consideration.
Lest we forget they renamed their privatization scheme "personal accounts" when it polled bad. Just like they did with the Estate Tax. A couple of other things to remind voters of is his willingness to pass a law for one person Schiavo and his closeness to Tom DeLay, Old #6 as I like to call him.


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