Thursday, September 01, 2005

I Welcome The Texas Democratic Trust

This article hit the Statesman today, Lawyers to the rescue of Democrats? It tells the story of a new organization, The Texas Democratic Trust. It will attempt to do this for the Democratic Party in Texas:
..enhance voter identification and turnout efforts, bolster message research, smooth a finance strategy for the party and (oh, yeah) give to candidates.
Sounds like exactly what the Democrats in Texas are in need of, right? Well not exactly. Trial lawyers are involved and that automatically makes it bad, or so they say. I'm not here to sing the praises of trial lawyers but they scare Republicans, A LOT, and I like that. If the trial lawyers are able to aid Democrats it strikes fear into Republicans. Otherwise the article would not have started with this implied warning to the Democrats against this group, "Republicans, warm you engines". Well there's no reason to be scared because Democrats did much better when they had the support of trial lawyers. The vilifying of trial lawyers has been another, in a long line, of scams the Democrats have allowed to be run on them. Democrats disavowing trial lawyers as they've disavowed organized labor, the working people, has cost them mightily over the last 20 years. This proposed group is not just trial lawyers but will bring in labor as well:
But Baron, Stanley and attorney Charles Soechting of San Marcos, the Dems' state chairman, said the group will tap many kinds of donors -- details to come.

The trial lawyers group, the Texas AFL-CIO and Texas State Teachers Association could field invitations to chip in.
These groups have been without the support of a political party now for some time. Democrats have not embraced these groups recently and it has cost them. As you can see from this article, Strayhorn targets Democrats' donors, Republicans are more than happy to take their money. Republicans telling me not to do something is no reason not to do it, actually that's probably one of the best reasons to do it. They've consistently scared Democrats away from taking these groups financial support. The Republicans take money hand over fist from insurance companies and corporations. Who better to keep them at bay than trials lawyers and organized labor? Who would you rather have running this state, a trial lawyer or what we have now? I rest my case.


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