Tuesday, September 20, 2005

More On John Courage

Our Congressman here in Williamson County needs to go but our neighbor's to the south also have a pretty bad one. Lamar Smith is his name. He held a town hall meeting a couple of weeks ago and this dkos diary has the skinny, Outraged *Republican* constituents confront Lamar Smith (R-TX):
Overall, I was very impressed by how well-prepared and well-spoken the people in attendance were. They had done their research, they asked pointed and pertinent questions, and they followed up when their questions were not answered. I had come with several questions, but all were asked during the course of the meeting. It is heartening to know that there are so many articulate and intelligent people out there, taking an interest in our government and holding our representative's feet to the fire. Bravo to all of us - and take heart, because based on the anger and frustration expressed by the Republicans in the audience, the walls of the Republican fortress are beginning to crumble, bit by bit by bit
Sounds very encouraging to me. Yesterday this came out from the Congressman, Lamar Smith Steps on His ShoeStrings:
Congressman Lamar Smith accidentally sent the following fax aimed at Karl Rove to an unnamed Dem. Congressman'’s office.
Rememeber, immigration is going to be one of the Republician Party's divide and conquer issues for 2006. We need to do everything we can to help not only John Courage but our own Mary Beth Harrell get elected to Congress in '06. Just imagine what a change that would be for our state with Mary Beth and John replacing those currently holding those seats.

Don't forget to vote for John Courage in the first DFA-List endorsement of 2006

[UPDATE] More on Lamar Smith from Richard Morrison, the man who ran against DeLay in '04, Meet John Courage, The Next Texas Netroots Hero. Especially this Texas Observer article, Lamar's Alien Agenda, Why is Mr. Smith Still in Washington?. Thanks Musselman!


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