Sunday, September 04, 2005

Katrina Assistance

Charles Kuffner has been doing an excellent job of keeping everyone apprised of what's needed, Assistance and volunteer update.

Here are some links to what's happening in Austin:

Kesher Talk

Burnt Orange Report

Even more resource help for Texans

Good Job City of Austin!

Techies needed at Austin shelters:
There are 50 public computers so far at the convention center. Got set up today (Saturday). We could use some help working with the evacuees to get their information input into a database and to help at the public computers with the many evacuees who have no computer skills but want to look at the people locator web sites for word of their families and friends. Some of the more techie volunteers are getting drafted to help with networking things, etc. They could use some printers for instance. None at the public computers and very few at the intake area.

E-mail me at if you can spare some time. We're
that address to coordinate the computer volunteers. Dale
Please help if you can.


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