Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sunday Items

Texas PIRG 2005 Legislative rankings (.pdf) via Pink Dome which has some other information as well.

The lastest on the winding down of Ronnie Earle's grand jury, A burst of activity by grand jury, whose term ends Wednesday, has some lawyers worried.

John Kelso has his Sunday column on Chris Bell, 'Food fighter' Bell throws his onion into the gubernatorial ring.

The Houston Chronicle is against Proposition 2 Amending the Texas Constitution to undermine protections for same-sex families protects no one.
Houstonians, now famous for their compassion and practicality, will have special clout on this referendum: The city is the only major population center holding municipal elections this November. Already voters under 30 have told pollsters that they don't agree with changing Texas' Constitution in order to discriminate.

Prodded by conscience, these voters could turn the tide. In the same spirit, all Texans who support true family values should vote "No" on Proposition 2 on the November ballot.


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