Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Incompetence Is A Cop Out

I don't buy it. The incompetence of this administration as an excuse for their horrible response to this tragedy. Everybody is criticizing that the Bush administration as incompetent in their response to hurricane Katrina, me, I say they're just sticking to the plan. Let me explain. The way they responded should not surprise anyone when we have people that hate government running our government. These are the people that want to shrink government so they can drown it in a bathtub, after all. Well, FEMA drowned in the bathtub that is now New Orleans. What better way to shrink than to make the citizens of this country believe it can do no good. The plan I refer to is to make government look completely incompetent so the people lose complete faith in it and then they will drown it for good.

Now back to incompetence. It's not incompetence that keeps those running our country from heeding warnings. This President has been in office for over four years and he has had more disasters on his watch than we have had in this country over the last 50 years. We are expected to believe that when the President gets briefed by the CIA about an impending attack from Osama bin Laden and then it occurs he was incompetent. We are supposed to believe that since he was the one that defunded the money to fix the levees in New Orleans to pay for a war against an unarmed county he is incompetent. We are expected to believe that because the Director of Homeland Security (Chretoff) and the Director of FEMA (Brown) were briefed before the storm made landfall about what was going to happen and did nothing they are incompetent. I don't buy it. Many people believe the opposite of love is hate, that is not true. The opposite of love in indifference. It's not that they were incompetent it's that they were indifferent to what was going to happen.

They have different priorities than the vast majority of the American people. They believe that government has never done anything good or very little other than fight wars. They believe that the New Deal was socialist. They believe Social Security should be turned into a 401K program. They believe that the more money you have the more democracy you are entitled to. So I say again, incompetent, I don't think so! It's all just part of the plan.


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