Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bob Gammage Is In Says Source

Source: Former judge decides to run for governor. This can only help, no matter who wins the nomination. This should bring some attention to the Democratic Primary:
Bruce Buchanan, a government professor at the University of Texas, said a three-way race could generate interest in candidates who would otherwise be overshadowed by the high-powered GOP primary pitting Strayhorn against Perry.

"If they start chipping at each other, maybe somebody will notice," Buchanan said.
BOR talks about the implications, :
Bell spokesman Jason Stanford said Monday that Bell has no comment on "cut-and-run Bob," a reference to Gammage resigning from the high court in 1995 to move to Llano and start a solo practice.

Gammage on Monday called the attempted nickname "silly. If he can't throw anything better than that, he ought to save his pitching arm." Alvarado said: "The more the better."
Cut-and-run Bob. I'll-Explore-That Bell. Alvarado, not Avacado. In any case, I'll agree with the more the merrier concept. As much as we'd like to not take Kinky seriously, a lot of independents and disaffected white progressives who normally vote Democrat are going to take him seriously.

And if anyone thinks that Bell, Gammage, or Alvarado is going to become Governor with their left flank in the Kinky camp, I'd like to know which tea leaves they're reading. Having competetive statewide Democratic primaries are about the only thing that are going to keep those voters interested in turning out in our primary, keeping them from crossing over for Comptroller CKMRS, or saving themselves for Kinky.

And who knows, in the process someone might actually notice that we have candidates fielded. Which reminds me, David Van Os and Barbara Radnofsky filed to run for AG and US Senate.
I've liked Chris Bell all along and I must say I don't like the first comment from his campaign being name calling. Gammage and Alvarado both took it in stride. No matter, a spirited 3-way race can only benefit the eventual Democratic nominee. Is that redundant enough for you?

Be sure and see OffTheKuff for the latest filing news, Let the filings begin!


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