Friday, December 02, 2005

Tony Sanchez For Governor? I Don't Think So!

The New Statesman campaign year blog is up, Postcards From The Trail and one of their first posts is this, Tony, Tony, Tony:
Don'’t count Tony Sanchez out of making a second try for governor quite yet.

Sanchez, the deep-pocketed Laredo businessman who won the 2002 Democratic gubernatorial nod before getting walloped by GOP Gov. Rick Perry, said this week he’s still mulling his options.

"I'’m still looking at the landscape," Sanchez said. "“Obviously, I'’ve got to make a decision over the next four weeks,"” he said, a reference to the candidate filing period that starts Saturday. "I want to think about the direction of the state."

Sanchez has evidently absorbed at least one lesson on the difficulty of swaying voters.

"Once you as a voter have decided that the state is headed in the right direction, it'’s very difficult for someone to change your mind,"” he said. "Likewise, if they think it'’s headed in the wrong direction, it'’s very hard for you to convince them that's wrong."
I'll count him out. His ship sailed after the last election. No more Bush backing gazillionaires leading the Democratic ticket.


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