Friday, December 02, 2005

On Yeah, Tom Delay & The Texas GOP's Redistricting Scheme Was Illegal

Burnt Orange Report has all the details, Delay's Redistricting Plan Violated the Voting Rights Act:
A quick read of this article makes it clear that professional voting rights experts concluded that Delay's plan violated the Voting Rights Act. Furthermore, it seems that the plan was only saved and the Delay map is only in place because political appointees from the Bush administration at the Justice Department decided to ignore the unanimous findings of their own professional staff and then imposed a gag order.
Think back if you will to all those special sessions on redistricting. Do you remember that Democratic legislators left the state in order to try and stop this? Many people talked about how they should have stayed and fought against this. Why? If you look at this, it didn't matter what the Republicans passed. Having all the levers of power in the state and in the federal government they could do whatever they wanted, which they did, and it wouldn't matter what the law said or the Democrats did. It's all about accountability (See John Cater below and then see Mary Beth Harley).

[UPDATE] Much more from OffTheKuff, Justice Department voted against DeLay redistricting map.


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