Tuesday, December 20, 2005

GOP Governor's Race, Oh Yeah And Sen. Cornyn

Yesterday Gov. Perry filed his papers to be a 10 year governor. That alone should disqualify him. 10 years of this guy should be against the law. But don't worry he's got his record to run on and that should discourage plenty of people from voting for him:
"I am going to campaign on my record as a fiscal conservative who has fought for lower taxes and responsible government spending while investing billions more in education," Perry said. "I am going to articulate a clear vision for the future that is based upon the same conservative convictions that the people of this state have seen me act upon during my first full term in office."

Perry said Texans "understand that I will work to build consensus when I can, but when the time for talk ends, I will take decisive action, just as I did by issuing executive orders to improve education and by providing $10 million for a more secure border."
That's where you're wrong Governor. I think Texans want results not just action. We don't want to see you doing something, no matter how wrong it is, just to do something! We actually want a governor that will fix the school finance problem!

Not to worry though it looks like Carole ETC is still going to run for governor, Strayhorn's just getting started:
In the language of prizefighting, Carole Keeton Strayhorn is sure Gov. Rick Perry has a glass jaw.

"Perry's support is this deep," she said, holding her finger and thumb an inch apart. "Once we get to issues, he collapses."


"Rick Perry has promised tax reductions, and he broke that promise. He promised to fix school reform. He's broken that promise," Mrs. Strayhorn told business leaders at a Duncanville hotel. "Now he promises me, and I quote in his own words, 'a bloody, brutal campaign.'

"I say, bring it on," she said.

In her caffeinated, rat-a-tat speaking style, Mrs. Strayhorn blasted Mr. Perry for "signing into law $2.7 billion in new fees, taxpayer charges and out-of-pocket expenses" to balance the state budget. She denounced the governor's toll-road project as a land grab by "Governor Perry and his highway henchmen" to benefit a foreign contractor under secret terms. She said the state budget has grown 41 percent under his tenure, electric and insurance bills are on the rise, and children's health insurance is not properly funded.
It also appears that a big part of her strategy will be to get Democrats to vote for her in the Republican Primary. I would urge every Democrat not to take that bait. The best way to get rid of Perry is to get the best Democratic candidate nominated and then have all Democrats get behind that candidate.

As I've said all along with the Comptroller's "wit" this should make for an interesting primary. Just scroll down in that article to where it starts talking about how the governor's campaign is already trying to get the LTE battle going. I just wouldn't watch much TV after the New Year because these two mugs will be all over it:
The Perry campaign is expected to spend at least $15 million in the primary, beginning with a high-dollar TV spot during the Rose Bowl, the college football championship game featuring the University of Texas. The Strayhorn camp will report in January that it has more than $10 million, which would allow a $1 million-a-week advertising campaign highlighting what the comptroller calls the governor's "misplaced priorities and failed leadership."
Oh yeah, Sen. Cornyn doesn't think you need civil liberties anymore, "None of your civil liberties matter much after you're dead,"” said Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), a former judge and close ally of the president who sits on the Judiciary Committee. Senator there ain't much that will matter after you're dead. If you voted for this guy go sit in the corner for an hour!


At 10/12/2006 3:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interestingly, I set up this Texas gubernatorial poll using Range Voting, and Kinky is kicking butt on it. I think this proves how much our current plurality voting system sucks. This is why we should be lobbying for Range Voting.


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