Wednesday, December 21, 2005

More Fun Early In The Governor's Race

Did you see this story in today's Statesman, Assistant: Call to wife of Democrat not made on Strayhorn's behalf? This story seems a little pointless. What is this? It's a newspaper story about a private conversation between a candidates wife and another candidates spokesman.

It seems like it's just a story to put something out there, to give Chris Bell an out, fat chance, if he wants to switch races. Or it's just an idiotic way to come up with a story trying to say, again, that Chris Bell has no chance to win the governor's race. Chris for his part says this:
Chris Bell said that he will not run for comptroller and that there was no mention in his wife's conversation with Sanders of Strayhorn running as a Democrat.
I especially like this part:
(Strayhorn spokesman Mark) Sanders, who worked for 2002 Democratic gubernatorial nominee Tony Sanchez, said he does not think that Bell can win the governor's race because the state so strongly favors Republicans. "A Democrat will not win in 2006," Sanders said.

Asked why the same logic did not apply to the comptroller's race, in which Republican Agriculture Commissioner Susan Combs has been running for months, Sanders said he knew only that Bell could not win the governor's race.
Why is this reporter asking a Republican to base an argument on logic? Who knows what the point of this is it all just seems like someone is trying to make up news, in this slow Holiday season.

The Chris Bell campaign responds to Gov. Perry's dirty trick, A Vast Write-wing Conspiracy?:
If you ask me, the problem with Team Perry's little ploy isn't so much that they're asking supporters to write their local paper (which campaigns have done since the beginning of time), but that the letters they're asking for are nothing more than petty personal attacks. He isn't asking supporters to help spread the word about his own ideas or his own vision for Texas, but rather asking supporters to simply tear down an opponent in hopes of scoring a few points.

[UPDATE]: Chris Bell's campaign responds, Another one to file under the "Not Gonna Happen" tab...:
It’s time for Democrats to start leading again, and Chris is exactly the kind of fighter we need leading the charge.


At 12/22/2005 10:21 AM, Anonymous Texas progressive said...

Actually, what I found most telling was the rest of the story:

"Sanders was not the only operative who called a would-be adversary. Bell spokesman Jason Stanford called Luis Saenz, Perry's campaign director, and told him about the Sanders call.

"Luis and I talk every once in awhile, trying to figure out what in God's name (Strayhorn) is going to do, and we've learned through observation that applying logic is an ineffective means of analyzing her," Stanford said. "He and I have a gentlemen's agreement to campaign aboveboard and do whatever we can to beat each other's boss."

Why in the world is Chris Bell's campaign manager/spokesman/staffer so chummy with Gov GoodHair's campaign?

Seems like sleeping with the enemy to me.....

This is not normal behavior for campaign staff, nor is it the sort of thing that REAL Democrats do.

Anyone who thinks it's Standard Operating Procedure for staffers to cross party lines to play a high school game of 'telephone' have never been in a serious race where the stakes are high and the future's at stake.

If I were Chris Bell, I'd be embarrassed that 1) my staffer is getting in the news more often than me, and 2) said staffer doesn't see anything wrong with having the 'enemy' on speed dial and 3) Sanders is willing to talk to the newies about anything, regardless of whether it puts Bell in a bad light or not.

Anyone besides me beginning to wonder whose side this staffer is on?

At 10/12/2006 3:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interestingly, I set up this Texas gubernatorial poll using Range Voting, and Kinky is kicking butt on it. I think this proves how much our current plurality voting system sucks. This is why we should be lobbying for Range Voting.


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