Wednesday, December 21, 2005

If You Want Accountability In Williamson County Government We Need Your Help

Here is you chance to help us get our two candidates for County Commissioner on the ballot.

They are:

Precinct 2, Michael Hofmann
Precinct 4, Brig Mireles

We need your help and just think of the benefit of getting two Democrats on the Commissioner's Court.

For those who don't know there are two ways to get people on the ballot. $1,250 or 500 signatures on a petition. It would be preferable to get them on the ballot by getting signatures on petitions that would then free up that money for the campaigns. Half (250) of the signatures on the petitions need to come from the precinct that the candidate is running in and the other half (250) can come from anywhere in the county. So it doesn't matter what precinct you live in you can get signatures. Take them with you this week and get your family and friends to sign them. Those signing must be registered voters in Williamson County. Here's the, petition. I recommend printing out a couple for each candidate. Each page has enough room for 10 signatures. Our goal is for everyone to get one page per candidate, if you can get more that's better, obviously. If you can't get 10 that's OK. If you can get 1 that's fine, we need all we can get. Also the petitions must be notarized. You can get them notarized at your bank for free.

Of course if you want to contribute you can do that as well. Either way we need the petitions by the middle of next week, the 27th or 28th. Send your signed and notarized petitions or your contributions to the candidates at:

Make checks payable to:

Michael Hofmann for Commissioner

1525 Cypress Creek Rd. H-208
Cedar Park, Texas 78613



Brig Mireles for Commissioner
6 Timberline
Round Rock, TX 78664-9409

Or you can drop them by the Williamson County Democratic Party Primary Headquarter'’s location room 217 in the Cirkiel Commons Building, 1901 East Palm Valley Blvd in Round Rock. (Across Hwy. 79 from the new H.E.B.)


At 12/21/2005 11:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well written article. Thanks! I hope every Democrat in the area understands that they can and should collect signatures. Its an easy way to get involved at a very basic level. Almost every political candidate has to pay to get on the ballot in Texas. If the candidate gets enough signatures, that waives their fee so they can use that money elsewhere in the campaign. But getting them on the ballot is first and foremost! We won't win if we're not even on the ballot!

At 12/22/2005 10:00 AM, Anonymous Billie Reaney said...

Thanks for getting information on the web so fast. It helps us all to be more effective in our push to get more Democrats elected.


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