Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Did John Sharp's Brother Make Rick Perry Cry?

This is one funny fluff piece, Governor counting on friend for tax fix:
And, according to Sharp's recollection, both could have died while his older brother showed off a flashy new car, a GTX 440 Magnum, during a 13-mile drive from Placedo to Victoria at speeds that he insists hit 150 mph.

"Perry will still tell you this is the absolute scariest time of his entire life," Sharp said. "I was shaking, I was so scared. Perry won't admit it, but it looked like he was crying to me."

Sharp said he refused to ride back to Placedo from Victoria, accused his brother of being crazy and hitchhiked home.

"I'm pretty sure he (Perry) would tell you today that he's never in his entire life been that scared," Sharp said.

Perry validated the story — except for the crying part.
And this part too:
Fellow Aggie Hector Gutierrez has been a longtime friend of both Perry and Sharp, and he stayed neutral during the 1998 race. After winning, Perry appointed Gutierrez his legislative liaison to the Senate.

"Bitter" is too mild for describing relationships between the Perry and Sharp camps, Gutierrez said of that campaign.

But "Aggies don't hate other Aggies," Gutierrez said.


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