Friday, March 10, 2006

Barbara Ann Radnofsky For Senate

It appears BAR's campaign should have spent some money in the primary which may have saved her this runoff:
I've always said BAR was too busy running for November and not thinking about March like she should have been. He might be an old-coot, but one shouldn't underestimate the name of Gene Kelly.
But as Kuffner says they realize it and are moving forward:
At least the campaign has recognized that it needs to run against Kelly for the next 30 days. He's as easy a target as you could want. The contrast between the two of you and the reason why you're the only choice couldn't be plainer. Be just negative enough to remind people why they can't afford to go with him, and play up your qualities for all they're worth. The rest will follow.
BOR has a Texas map by county and analysis here. More evidence that the Radnofsky campaign is getting the runoff off to a good start:

The Dancer is Dead...Don't Let Him Kill the Party!
Texas Democrats need a fighter to take our state back and to keep fakers like Kelly from ruining our party. Barbara Ann Radnofsky has made 328 campaign appearances and received the endorsement of every major newspaper in Texas. And Kelly? Commentators describe him as a clown, a perennial joke, and an embarrassment to the party.

Barbara Ann fights for veterans' rights, for education, for better healthcare, and for Texans.

The dancer is dead, folks...please don't let him kill the Party.

Donate now and spread the word for the April 11 runoff.
BAR's Guest Post at Capitol Annex:
If we hadn't had this runoff, we'’d never have had the opportunity to make a massive appeal and get my name out in a state mailing one, two or three times or to ask people like the folks on this blog to please rouse others out of their apathy and go vote (early on April 3 and in the election on april 11). As I mentioned, and to his credit, the Chairman of the State Dem Party has endorsed me, which is not often done in a contested dem race.
Barbara Ann Radnofsky is the only choice for Democrats if we want to have a chance in November.


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