Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday News

From this AAS today we learn three things: Donna Howard was sworn in yesterday, former State Rep. Glen Maxey is running from Chair of the Texas Democratic Party, and James Leininger's newest PAC (Texas Republican Legislative Campaign Committee) may face an ethics probe, sorry Mr. Selby.

Leininger's giving is now reported to be up to $2.3 million this election cycle. $500,000 to Tommy Merritt's challenger alone. His money has forced Republican House members to break one of the long-time unwritten laws of the Texas legislature, 5 current house members endorse incumbent Charlie Geren's opponent:
Earlier in the day, Geren was endorsed by Dewhurst, and he already had the backing of Tarrant County's two GOP state senators, Kim Brimer and Chris Harris, and former Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Ratliff.

"I think they have the opportunity to endorse whomever they want. I don't appreciate it, but I can live with it," Geren said. "We all make our own bed and we all sleep in our own bed.

"I'd much rather have the lieutenant governor's and the speaker's and Senator Harris' and Brimer's endorsement than a bunch of sophomore members of the House."

Geren said Zedler had earlier promised him that he would stay out of the race. After learning about his endorsement of Hatley, Geren called Zedler a "liar." Zedler could not be reached for comment late Thursday.
Here's the kind of trash this money pays for:
Look at the advertisement accompanying this editorial. The first thing you see is the picture of a dark-skinned young boy beside the headline, "Are you ready for him to be your doctor?" Turn it over, and the answer reads: "Neither is he. Social Promotion is unhealthy for everyone."

The disclaimer reads "Pol. Ad Chris Hatley," who's the Republican running against GOP Rep. Charlie Geren in Fort Worth. It doesn't take a Columbo to determine the Hatley crowd's motivation: Use stereotypes of uneducated minorities swarming Texas to gain votes.
I wouldn't want someone doing that with my money. It's the end that matters to these people and any action, no matter what it is, is justified.


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