Monday, March 06, 2006

Last Thoughts

Will Strayhorn and Kinky, the so called moderates, not being on a primary ballot cause moderate voters to sit out the primary even more than usual? Will that give the Leininger 5 a better chance of winning?

Here's Harvey Kronberg's pre-election News 8 commentary, March 7 should be interesting:
Early primary voting in most parts of the state has been unusually light leading to a certain amount of nail biting, particularly among Republicans. If the trend holds through Tuesday, there are two likely conclusions. One is that the negative and largely dishonest campaigns throughout the state have confused and depressed the voters.

The second is that a substantial portion may have decided to reject both parties and sign petitions for independents Carole Strayhorn or Kinky Friedman.
With Strayhorn running as an Independent, it may keep the moderate Republicans from the polls to sign her petition. That could give the more extreme/right-wing Republicans a better chance of winning the primaries. We'll find out tomorrow.


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