Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Check Out Perry's Latest Crony Appointment

Lee will be appointed to Teacher Retirement System board:
James Lee, a generous Republican donor and a pioneer of the mid-1990s boom in day trading, will be the next appointee to the nine-member board that oversees the $96 billion pension fund for Texas public school employees.

Gov. Rick Perry's office said today it is in "the final stages" of announcing Lee's appointment.

Lee, 39, is a private investor in Houston and a member of several corporate boards, including IncrediMail Ltd., a publicly traded e-mail software and services firm based in Tel Aviv, Israel. He also is the treasurer of the Houston-based Maverick Political Action Committee, which describes itself as a group of "under-45-year-old Bush activists" that supports Republican candidates.
Here's a story on the Mavericks from last August in the AAS, Bush Mavericks back Perry:
Young Texas Republicans who gathered more than $2 million for President Bush's re-election last year intend to flex their fundraising muscles in state politics, starting today with an endorsement expected to yield $200,000 or more for Gov. Rick Perry's 2006 re-election campaign.
Here's a list of the founders, see if there is anyone you recognize:
Founding board members

Bryan Pickens, chairman, Dallas investor

Jim Lee, treasurer, Houston investor

Paul Dickerson, general counsel, Houston, federal appointee, U.S. Department of Commerce

Nate Crain, secretary, Dallas investor, chairman of the Dallas County Republicans

Ben Bentzin, Austin, investor

Ted Cruz, Austin, lawyer with attorney general's office

Jim Grace, Houston, lawyer

Lisa Helfman, Houston, consultant

Meredith Iler, Houston, political consultant

Steve Payne, Houston, consultant

Chad Sweet, Houston, investment manager
Here's their web site


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