Thursday, March 23, 2006

"One 'Selectively' Silent Grandma's" Campaign Strategy

Her campaign strategy appears not only to be to co-opt the Democratic candidates ideas, but she is also going to try and hold herself out as the clean, moralistic, sanctimonious, uncorrupt candidate to swing Republicans in Texas to her side. Case in point, yesterday's campaign stunt. OTG is trying to show she has gotten religion on this issue of Perry's cronyism. Phillip Martin at BOR has the story, An Open Letter to Comptroller Strayhorn. But she's only got a problem with some of Perry's corruption:
Yesterday, you/(OTG) announced that the Comptroller's office is indefinitely stopping the state'’s payments to the Washington, D.C. lobbying firm of Cassidy & Associates, the infamous lobby group that has lobbied Congress on behalf of the Office of State-Federal Relations. This action comes as a result of the audit you launched on Cassidy & Associates on January 27, 2006.

There's an expression that goes, "day late, dollar short." You are years late in acting, and your prolonged silence risked millions of dollars of taxpayer money. Your decision to stop payments is long overdue, and what's worse is that you're only doing half of what you should have done a long time ago. You still must stop the payments to Drew Maloney, the high-power lobbyist of the Federalist Group, who is also being paid with taxpayer dollars.
Why did she wait to do this until after the primaries? The point of the post is that she's been writing the checks the whole time and continued to after this was exposed in January. She could have stopped this from the beginning or certainly soon after it was exposed. No, in true OTG form she waited until it would benefit her the most to do what's right. More from BOR:
The public's trust can not be bought and sold with your cheap tricks any more than it can with Governor Perry's endless cronyism.

You remained silent until it benefited you and your campaign. As a proud Texas Democrat, I find your silence appalling. It is my sincere hope that you immediately take action on Drew Maloney's contract, and stop pretending you're "tough" for doing what you should have done a long, long time ago.
Well said.


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