Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Perry Offers Propaganda As TTRC Is Set To Release Its Report Today

The governor has learned his lesson and has the media carrying his message loud and clear. He sat down a bunch of editorial page editors and told them that this proposal is fair and family friendly, no matter what the reality is. And it appears they got the message even though early LBB reports show that the wealthy fair much better. Also keep in mind this does nothing to solve the funding issue for public schools.

Taxing business:
The plan unveiled today by the Texas Tax Reform Commission would accomplish those minimal, essential goals, but it has much more to recommend it. Not least, it would not repeat the sin of earlier proposals that would have taken more money from the poor and conveyed it to the rich.

The commission, chaired by former state Comptroller John Sharp, does wish to sharply raise the tax on cigarettes, which are increasingly an unhealthy delicacy of the poor. However, taxpayers can escape this tax and improve their health by quitting, which an onerous tax would encourage.
Perry proposal cuts taxes for all income groups:
"By raiding the surplus to pay for a property-tax cut, Perry is proposing a plan that is still $1 billion short of inadequate because it forgets one very important thing: schools," Democratic gubernatorial nominee Chris Bell said through a spokesman.


Tax reduction

$14,042 and below...1.4









$146,804 and more...3.3

Source: Legislative Budget Board analysis
I'll bet he could've got that billion he's lacking if he kept that tax cut to 1.4/1.5 for the wealthy too.

Tax plan reduces families' burden:
Texas families at all income levels would get a tax break -– with the wealthiest Texans receiving the biggest relief -– under a massive tax-swap plan that Gov. Rick Perry and his Texas Tax Reform Commission will unveil today.
Of course those with the most deserve the most tax relief!?

And of course they take it out on smokers, and poor smokers the most, If you don't puff, you'll get a break in tax proposal:
Nonsmoking Texans at all income levels would see a net, modest reduction in taxes under a proposed tax overhaul to be formally unveiled today by Gov. Rick Perry.

Wealthier Texans, however, would realize about three times the savings, proportionately, as low-income taxpayers, according to a Legislative Budget Board analysis of the tradeoff for lower school taxes.


The tobacco tax increase, which would hit poorer smokers harder, was omitted from the analysis, because it would have had a negative impact on the overall projected savings.
Perception is reality and if the media says it it's got to be true.


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