Sunday, March 12, 2006

Where Does Gov. Perry Stand On An Across The Board Teacher Pay Raise?

Here's how you do it. Take an issue everyone agrees on, a teacher pay raise, and make the governor and his party show which side of the issue they are on. Homer calls for teacher pay raise:
State Rep. Mark Homer, D-Paris, is calling on Gov. Rick Perry to add an across-the-board teacher pay raise to the call if he summons lawmakers back to Austin next month for a special session on school finance.

"“This is the first request we have received on the subject,"” Rachael Novier, spokeswoman for the Republican governor, said Friday.
What was the governor's response?
The governor'’s spokesperson reiterated Perry'’s stand on both teacher pay and the upcoming special session.

"Gov. Perry strongly supports increased pay for teachers, especially those teachers who motivate students to achieve at high levels,"” Novier said.
In the upcoming session Gov. Perry is for a narrow call until the tax shift is accomplished:
"In the upcoming session, the governor has asked legislators to focus on the Supreme Court mandate to lower property taxes and modernize the way we finance our public schools,"” she continued. "“Once that is complete, he will consider expanding the call."
Teachers again take a back seat under this governor.


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