Sunday, July 31, 2005

Congressman Carter And The Patriot Act

Have you read Congressman Carter's justification for why he believes in securing your freedom by continuing to take away your civil rights? Here he explains his vote to extend the Partiot Act for 10 years, Securing the freedom of our nation. He is also very proud of the amendment he was able to add by voice vote, meaning there was no record of who voted for or against his amendment:
HR 3199 will better facilitate our law enforcement officers fighting the War on Terror here at home to investigate, find and prosecute those who want to inflict harm on our citizens.

As many of you know, early this spring I introduced the Terrorist Penalties Enhance-ment Act. Current law denies a jury the ability to consider a sentence of death or life imprisonment for terrorists in many cases - even when the attack results in death. It is time that equal justice is given to those who commit crimes against our nation.

This new piece of legislation amends the federal criminal code to apply the death penalty or life imprisonment for a terrorist offense that results in death, terrorist offenses which create grave risk of death, and certain terror-related crimes involving nuclear and weapons of mass destruction threats to the United States.

Such offenders would also be permanently ineligible for federal benefits of any kind and allows for the application of the federal death penalty in certain, limited air piracy cases occurring before the enactment of the Federal Death Penalty Act of 1994.

The act was approved by voice vote as an amendment to the USA PATRIOT Act.
Did many of you know that? By threatening to kill people who commit terrorists acts, which if you go by the the governments story of what happened on 9/11, the terrorists have already decided to kill themselves for a cause, this doesn't really seem like much of a deterrant? Another question I have is, if the Patriot Act is such an essential tool why don't they want to make it permanent instead of just extending it for 10 more years?


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