Friday, July 22, 2005

Williamson County Is Being Noticed!

The site Save Texas Reps posted this, Winning's Not the Only Thing, earlier in the week. It's more on the run every race theory and the need for action in even so called "safe" Republican areas. Here is the part about Williamson County:
Serious candidates are willing to campaign at least half-time - full time in the final three months leading up to the election. They are men and women who are confident, well spoken, and have strong ties to the community. This is a long term strategy that doesn't concentrate on big money, but allowing local Democrats to build their own party from the ground up.

Look at the Williamson County Democrats or the Fort Bend Democrats - local grassroots activists that are building strong organizations in traditionally "safe" Republican districts. This is the future of the Democratic Party.

Republicans learned long ago that only running safe candidates was the fastest road to irrelevance. Instead, they started running full slates - from local school boards to the White House. By saturating the market in Republicans, they were able build familiarity and comfort with voters.

Of course, more resources will go towards battleground candidates and races where we know we can win. But choosing to write off the longshot and the little guy is doing the Republican Party's work for them.

This is a long term strategy, but one that Texas Democrats are going to have to employ if they don't want to isolate themselves into irrelevance. There will always be pessimists and naysayers who want Democrats to follow the old and failed way of concentrating on fewer and fewer races, but the end of that path is winning no races at all.
Thanks Save Texas Reps for noticing and thanks also for mentioning it.


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